Factory Refin is a member of Gruppo Concorde and is one of the leading producers of ceramic tiles and gres porcelain.
Founded in 1962
Ceramiche Refin has been a presence on the international market since 1962 and is part of the Gruppo Concorde, the largest ceramic group in Europe.
The constant commitment towards aesthetic research and technological innovation has seen the company achieve product and production excellence, thus becoming more and more competitive on the international market.

Today, Refin offers a broad range of porcelain tiles solutions for residential and project-planning destinations.
For the high-tech interiors the collection Design Industry of Refin is an ideal solution.
In this collection of gres porcelain there are two types of surfaces, the variation of color from dark to light shades, attractive expressive and elegant decors.
In the collection Artech of Refin there's a unique effect of luminosity in tiles, which allows to create the imitation of the metal surface.

In this collection there are tiles of five different shades, it is suitable not only for the interior, but also for the facades.
The Cromie collection is the result of the research into the chromatic component as a key factor of design thinking and it represents a new tool for a strategic use of colours in interior projects. The innovative collection offers a range of 36 chromatic shades organized into 4 families with a logical structure that describes colours in the same way they are seen by the human eye and defines them using three parameters: hue, lightness and saturation.

In the Frame collection, the graphic language exploits the most modern ceramics technologies, expressing itself through powerful decorative surfaces inspired by the matter, subjects and suggestions of tradition and interpreting the evolution of the ceramic f­loor concept in a contemporary key.
Founded in 1962
Ceramic tiles Refin are produced in the region Regio Emilia on the North of Italy. In 1995 the factory started to produce gres porcelain.
Products of Refin (grest porcelain, ceramic tiles) vary in design, colors and sizes, which allows to use it for the interiors of private housing, administrative, commercial and industrial buildings.
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