Official Distributor of the European Ceramic Industry Manufacturers in the Russian Federation
Leading Distributor of European Ceramic Manufacturers industry in the market of St. Petersburg.
GRESTYLE is a smart solution for your business.

We are a direct distributor and cooperate with the world's leading European manufacturers of the ceramic industry in the Russian Federation, with those who innovate in production technology, are not afraid to experiment with design and materials, and contribute to the development of the entire industry and interior industry as a whole.

13 years on the market
For 13 years we supply ceramic tiles and ceramics to our customers, professionals with many years of experience work in the company.

Best prices
We effectively select the desired material.
Additional mediation services are excluded - this is an additional benefit for our customers.

Warranty and deadlines
Warranty, including delivery time, tonality guarantee, calibration - all material in the same color and with one batch of goods.
Quality of plant products confirmed
protocols, licenses and certificates.
All the goods we have are sold in boxes.
We deliver to any city of the Russian Federation.
Take care of each client.
Individual approach to each order.

+7 (812) 640-41-51

St. Petersburg, st. Glinki, d. 1, lit. A

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