Official Distributor of the European Ceramic Industry Manufacturers in the Russian Federation
Today, Atlas Concorde ceramic tiles are known to everyone who is somehow familiar with the field of ceramic finishing materials.
Products manufactured under Florim brands are sold in all top stores and can be ordered from importers almost around the world.
Thanks to demand worldwide, Zahna Fliesen GmbH exports extra-grade tiles to all continents, with the exception of Antarctica.

The main characteristics of Caesar ceramic granite are increased wear resistance, functionality and excellent design.
From the very beginning, Eiffelgres began to stand out among other manufacturers with the desire to create environmentally friendly products for construction.
The products of the Spanish factory Apavisa are high-quality tiles with excellent performance characteristics.

The Iris FMG factory produces ceramic granite on the world market, imitating the pattern of natural marble, travertine and granite.
Today, Vitra ceramics and tiles are supplied to 75 countries of the world, and the products of this brand are invariably very popular.
Refin is part of Gruppo Concorde and is one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic-based finishing materials.
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